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Grow Your Business with SAP® Extended Business Member Program

The forecasted global digital transformation market is expected to grow to $369.22 billion by 2020 worldwide. There is no company better equipped to lead it than SAP, seeing how 74% of the world’s transactions touch SAP systems.

As an SAP Platinum Partner and a member of the SAP United VARs, Brightree has been leading the digital transformation adoption in the region. But even we can’t be everywhere. Do everything. The market is a lot bigger than we are. 

Good news is that, as an SAP Master Value-Added Reseller (Master VAR ) we can sponsor other organisations, which do not meet all the requirements to qualify as full-on SAP partner, into the prestigious SAP Extended Business Members (EBM) network. This is a win-win relationship for all parties included.

The process is fairly simple:

1 ) Apply

2 ) Get Sponsored

3 ) Get Leads

4 ) Get access to Training

5 ) Get connected to the SAP business network