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Digital Core – Building the Best Foundation for Digital Transformation

  • What if you had the power to shift your inventory today, based on tomorrow’s weather?
  • What if your supply chain told you exactly where the bottlenecks lie and how to fix them?

Until now, data silos and the missing real-time insights have precluded quick and painless innovation and hindered the implementation of new business models. This is also the reason why, traditionally, companies are only using about 1% of all data in their possession to drive the business. In this digital, “winner takes all’ world, speed, agility, and insights-driven, customer-led business decisions determine who gets to the top.

With a Digital Core at the centre of your business, you can articulate all the insights your company has. It effectively turns your business from a:

  • Data-rich to a knowledge-led powerhouse
  • Product-driven to a customer-led organisation
  • Siloed to connected organisation that is firing all its engines efficiently
  • Traditional to a LIVE business
Photo Credit: SAP

The most important role of the digital core is to create a digital transformation friendly IT environment. In this environment, all applications are interconnected and the data is unified. You are able to access and use the information in real time from anywhere within the company and beyond – from the entire supply chain, to drive and anticipate business outcomes on the go.